Thursday, July 09, 2020
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RCWs Wood Chips

Les jardins de Solev is keen of  RCWs ( Ramial Chipped Wood - ie BRF Bois Rameal Fragmenté in French).

This natural method of plant waste disposal enhances the soil.. Once applied on the soil,  this ground product is "digested" by the microfauna and soil microflora (fungi, insects, spiders, worms ...)  and quickly transformed into humus. The benefits are numerous:

  • The soil is naturally enriched, fertilizer requirements are reduced
  • The capacity of water retention is increased, so watering needs are reduced
  • Plants are strengthened and become more resistant to diseases and insects

Wherever possible, we suggest you use the RCWs. With  les Jardins de Solev, enjoy an ecological economical and prolific garden!

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