Thursday, July 09, 2020
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Fire prevention


The clearing of your land in Provence is a measure of safety for you and your property. It is also a legal obligation (Article L322-3).

An effective clearing consists of:

  • destroying herbaceous and woody plants down to ground level
  • pruning trees to a minimum height of 2 meters
  • removing dead wood and bush, the distance between two islands or the crown of the nearest tree can not be less than 2 meters,
  • remove trees or branches within 3 m of an opening or structure
  • remove crowded trees so that the distance between each crown (all branches forming the top of a tree) is greater than 2 meters.
  • remove any branches overhanging the roof

A  selective clearing done well ( manual or mechanical)  is good for your garden and your living environment. It is your best protection against the risk of fire.

Choose  the skills of Les jardins de SOLEV . Our clearing work will ensure your safety, and protect your property.

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