Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Seasonal maintenance A garden is a living thing, it requires care and regular maintenance to maintain its health and radiance over the seasons.

For timely and specific operations or annual maintenance, Les jardins de SOLEV offer a solution matched to your garden, your schedule and your budget.
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Vous désirez agrémenter ou régénerer votre extérieur avec nouveaux massifs ou arbres? Vous avez un arbre à transplanter?

Oliviers, cyprès, muriers platanes, lauriers, arbres fruitiers... chaque arbre ou arbuste est spécifique et il convient de bien connaître ses caractéristiques avant de le planter...
Creating Gardens Do you dream of a beautiful functional garden, with a personal touch?

We will arrange your green spaces with different plants adapted to your environment: Beautiful to behold, wondrous aromas, shadows and light, A harmony of plants and materials. Your garden will be unique and enjoyable throughout the 4 seasons.

Welcome to Les Jardins de Solev !

BienvenueLes Jardins de Solev are located in the Vaucluse region of Provence, near Carpentras.

Our team of professional landscapers and gardeners, bring their passion and expertise to create and maintain your green spaces.

We are willing to advise you, and provide quality work for your garden.‘Qualipaysage’ certification awarded to the company is the guarantee of our human and material and technical skills.

Respect of the environment and sustainable development are integral parts of our philosophy.


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